Feature Case: October 2017

Oct. 10, 2017

Custom Primary Bar

The client requested a fixed bar to be designed for the maxillary arch on 3 zygomatic implants. This case also required the incorporation of an over-denture style attachment which then allows the patient to easily engage and disengage the secondary denture on a regular basis.

Due to a total Maxillectomy in the affected region, this case like many any others we have completed has a complex combination of asymmetrical tissue geometry and acute implant angulations.

Based on the requirements a fixed Primary Bar with cross arch support pillars was chosen. The characteristics of this arrangement allowed for a profile that will help tripodize the 3 implants whilst allowing the patient to easily clean the intaglio surfaces. The attachment system chosen for this case was the Zest Locator, placed in a such a way to help disperse the axial load during function.

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