Feature Case: June 2018

June 1, 2018

Bi- Lateral Primary Bar + Superstructure

The client requested a fixed bar with a removable superstructure to be designed for the maxillary arch on 6 implants. The client has also requested separate primary bars for each quadrant and the incorporation of a single superstructure telescopically designed to engage both bars at the same time whilst keeping the anterior lingual profile bulk to a minimum.

Based on the requirements fixed Bi-Lateral Locator Bars with a Telescopic superstructure was chosen, the characteristics of this arrangement allow for a profile that will incorporate a frictional fit between the two structures. The attachment systems chosen for this case was the Zest Locator. The profile on the superstructure connects both bars and extends down towards the soft tissue. Acrylic retention elements have also been incorporated in the secondary structure intended for superior resin bonding.