Feature Case: August 2019 Nexus Bridge

Aug. 28, 2019

Nexus Bridge The client has requested a fixed implant bridge to be designed for the maxillary arch on 4 implants. This case required the incorporation of an internal metal structure that could support 8 missing teeth in Zirconia. Due to the patient being a severe bruxer and limited inter-occlusal space, the client thought a stand alone Zirconia bridge was deemed too risky and more prone to fractures around the OEM Ti base connection. Based on the requirements a Nexus Bridge was chosen. The characteristics of this arrangement allowed for a profile that will incorporate a precision milled implant bar with a telescopically milled Zirconia overlay. This design allows for a much larger surface area to bond the Zirconia to compared to Ti bases. Additionally the subgingival contour could achieve a very smooth transition without the need to consider bulk normally associated with radial minimum wall thicknesses around the OEM Ti base restorations.